There are many attractive places unknown among foreigners in the suburbs of Tokyo. Many of those are within 30 minutes from the center of Tokyo. Here introduce surprisingly unknown spots, Japan’s hidden gems.

▼Jindaiji Temple & Darma Dolls Fair in March▼

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Things to do in Tokyo suburbs : Jindaiji Temple & Darma Dolls Fair in March
In early March. Signs of spring are emerging in Tokyo. The cherry blossoms are preparing for blooming.  About one more month, we will see the full bloom. Jindaiji temple is one of the best valuable place to visit as it is the second oldest temple ...

▼Japanese“Cinema Town” – Chofu(near central Tokyo)▼

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What you can see in “Cinema Town” - Chofu(near central Tokyo)
It is about 20 minutes by train from Shinjuku station in central Tokyo. Do you know that there is a town called "Cinema Town"?Compared to the era when movies were the greatest entertainment for the common people, it is said that the Japa...